Bergseth Brothers Co.
Fargo, North Dakota
January 2014: Bergseth Brothers hired Gabriel Project Management to build their new distribution facility in Fargo, North Dakota. The new facility will incorporate Ninety Eight Thousand square feet comprised of Controlled Temperature Warehouse, Ancillary Space, Draft Cooler, and Corporate Offices. The project was completed at $9 Million in building construction cost and completed in the fall of 2015.

Capitol Beverage Company
Austin, Texas
December 2014: Capitol Beverage Company hired Gabriel Project Management to build their new distribution facility in Austin, Texas. The project consists of over 324,000 s.f. of Controlled Temperature Warehouse, Draft Cooler, Corporate Office, Vehicle Maintenance Facility, and Ancillary Spaces to support their customers in Austin. This project was completed in early and is scheduled for completion in early 2017.

Big Brothers Big Sisters
St. Louis, Missouri
June 2015: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri tapped Gabriel Project Management to provide program management services for their new Roof Top Event Space. The project was completed  in the Fall of 2016 .

L&F Distributing, McAllen TX– Completed Spring of 2014; Total Cost approximately $12 Million

Added 74,000 s.f. to existing warehousing operations with extensive sitework improvements, converted existing drive-through area to corporate office space, replaced cooling system in existing C.E.W. and renovated all existing office space.

Watkins Distributing, Idaho Falls, ID – Completed Fall of 2013; Total Cost approximately $8 Million

New 100,000 s.f. office and distribution facility. Implemented “free-cooling” system to maximize on local climate and cooling conditions and installed LED lighting throughout facility to allow for substantial savings in annual energy costs. Project was completed in eight months.

Favorite Brands – Houston & Buda TX – Completed in Spring 2014; Total Cost $2 Million approximately.

Renovated existing non insulated spec warehousing to thermally efficient wine storage space. Managed all HVAC and Generator Equipment Installations to accommodate a reclaimable asset in future years if operation grows beyond size of new space.

Standard Sales, Odessa TX – Complete Spring of 2015; Total Cost $20 Million approximately.

New 172,000 s.f. office and distribution facility. Includes elaborate hospitality space along with outdoor entertainment space. Energy efficient LED lighting along with chilled water cooling system to offer energy efficient system.

Southwest Beverage, Lake Charles LA – Completed Spring of 2015; Total Cost $15 Million approximately.

New 132,000 s.f. office and distribution facility. Challenging site-work project with pad constructed 8’ above sea level. Building design to accommodate storage of fleet in drive through area to protect from tropical storms. Extensive Generator System included to accommodate a secondary power supply for several days outage.