Post Construction Services: “Be Thorough”

The building checkout and turnover is a very sensitive time in the life of a program. Our clients need to focus on getting operations up and running, and vital to that is having all the data and systems in place to make the transition smooth. During the closeout period, we work with the General Contracting team to get all turnover manuals, warranties, product data, and drawings assembled to guarantee a smooth transition. We begin meeting on the closeout phase midway through the project, so that the General Contractor is building the closeout with the project.

Warranty/Call Back Issues
In that first critical year of occupancy we work with the General Contractor to make sure that any that develops is dealt with as swiftly as possible.

11-month walkthrough
Prior to the typical one-year warranty expiring, we work with the General Contractor and the design team to perform an 11-month walkthrough of the facility to make sure that any outstanding items get recorded and dealt with prior to the end of the warranty period.

Lessons Learned
An integral part of our continuous improvement in design and construction, we hold a lessons learned conference with our clients to achieve some feedback from the end user as to how we can improve our construction and design services. Our clients appreciate these “ground truth “sessions and enjoy helping us develop a better program.